Please always check this Agreement for changes as the company reserve the right to change this agreement.

By using this website, you agree to be bound by following terms and conditions governing the GCF Business empowerment services.

The following was formulated for the purpose of ensuring growth and practical business operations, for you to use on a regular basis. Please refer to them when you have any questions about Globalcashflow or need to clarify any concerns about your business practices.

Global cash flow uses the term Classic, Premium, Executive and are the same as a membership plans.

When you signup as a registered member by picking/choosing any of the membership plan, you agree to abide by the Globalcashflow Code of Ethics and Policies and Procedure, which are amended from time to time.

Violations of the Company Code of Ethics, participant agreement, or the written policies and Procedures may be cause for ban / cancellation of participation. So please read through these Policies and Procedures carefully to fully benefit and understand your right and responsibilities as a partner or a member of Globalcashflow

GCF Empowerment and Human Capital Development Services are those services that are rendered to members when you progress from a lower Rank to the higher Rank.

These services are the award of cars, house, and electronics set and cash; please note that the house and car cannot be exchange for cash equivalent.


As you signup your membership, you accepts to pay a onetime non-refundable of either, $50, $70, $110 irrespective of your chosen plan. This includes your donation to help members and empowerment that we offer to the less privilege, hardworking member, and your involvement in the business opportunity run on the platform of MLM.

Upon completion of payments, the system will automatically place you on the starter stage, (your name and account details appears) to enable you start earning from incoming members of your down lines generation.


GCF has the sole right to deactivate members account for the following reasons:

All users should use the GCF website for lawful purposes only.

GCF do not accept any unauthorized transfer of sponsorship / referral to another member.


As a Gen, is considered to be a duly authorized and fully paid member, herein is called a Gen. after Globalcashflow accept the completed Application and Agreement.

GCF Company reserves the right to accept or reject any member’s Application and Registration form without having to assign any reason for its acceptance or rejection.

All members are independent promoters and are neither agents nor employees of Globalcashflow (GCF).

That the promoter is responsible for bearing all costs and expenses incurred in the conduct of their participation.

As a promoter, you must be 18years of age and above.

A promoter must have only one sponsor.

However, it should be noted, that all members must meet their own personal qualification levels to qualify for the rewards from the Compensation Plan.


The company allows any member to have multiple accounts, there is no membership limit.


It is the responsibility of each member to update any registration details of their account such as email address, postal address, and phone number, account details

This will ensure the member is kept up to date with all updates from the company.

These updates are also posted in the News/Events section of the Globalcashflow website and dashboard of each member’s website. GCF will bear no responsibility for any loss (moral, physical or financial or legal or any other kind of loss)


All members accept that the signup fee is non-refundable and that at the completion of the online application and the payment/donation of entry fee of either of the Business plans cannot be refunded.

GCF does not refund fee to members after making payment, so please do not join this program if your country of residence / religion does not permit it.


Dormant Account (an account shall be deemed dormant where members’ are non-active on the matrix system for a period of 90days )

Where 4 out of your 5 direct referrals are not performing for at least 90 days.

If GCF receive a report from another member or GCF representative, (with proof of evidence) that a member is not promoting our platform rather promoting other related programs and still wishes to earn from GCF member at the detriment of other active members.

Where the above is confirmed by members, management through the coordinator of that country such member shall be ban.


All payment and deposit are made through GCF chosen payment.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Business and Compensation plans/rewards at any time.

Globalcashflow also known as GCF, reserve the right to revise the information at any time.


A member have the option of building a personal marketing team by introducing and sharing the compensation plan to interested persons who are willing to undergo business training. It is the responsibility of such member (sponsor) to assist in the training, and monitor the activity of members of its personal marketing team. Any person who deems it right to enter into the marketing business plan has the right to choose his or her sponsor. Any disputes regarding sponsoring genealogy shall be decided by the organization.

A sponsoring member must not exaggerate the earning potential that may result from this business opportunity.

A sponsoring member is obliged to fairly and fully explain the marketing plan or program to all prospective members, making such to stress that the degree of success is directly related to individual effort and ability.


Each member must keep their password and other secure access information confidential and notify GCF admin if the member believes that the security of account has been compromised. GCF has taken reasonably steps to protect the security of online transactions. However, the company cannot and does not warrant such security and will not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from any security breaches.


GCF, the logo and all product names, Company name shall not be use to promote others programs at any time.


I will conduct the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all that i do.

I will not make negative or disparaging remarks about Globalcashflow (GCF) coordinators, employees, representative s, services or project.

I will present our marketing plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required achieving success.

I will not involve in any investment activities/creating ghost accounts.

I will recruit visible associates that will support in promoting the soul vision of Globalcashflow (GCF)

I will not promote Globalcashflow (GCF) as a Tax avoidance scheme or as a pyramid scheme or ponzi.

I will carry out all the duties of sponsorship and responsible leadership as i develop my team.

I will treat everyone whether they are in my team or not, with the same courtesy.

I will consistently put forth my best efforts to promote the success of my business,

I will not engage in activities that will cause loss to another GCF member or her associate.

I will not use the organization’s name, information literature, gathering of people or other Company Resources to further other business interest.

I will abide by all Policies and Procedures that pertain to the operation of my business.

I will not produce marketing or training aids of any kind for sales to other promoters without the prior written permission from Company.

Globalcashflow (GCF), Living A Life Of Financial Freedom