GCF is a unique matrix system compensation plan, highly profitable and unbeatable, with once for a life time Entry fee.

GCF system allows you to do your business without barrier, you operate in your own way, This system is earn as you go, you earn instantly, regularly and constantly as a new member join under your network generation structures.

Referral bonus earnings are paid directly into any of your local bank or E- payment processors account, by incoming new members, whether you know them or not, irrespective of where they come from.

CHANGE your life cause with one time entry fee.

JOIN NOW, Duplicate yourself and start earning

GCF has 3 business plans, with ones for a life time entry fees.

CLASSIC $50 $4
PREMIUM $70 $6
EXECUTIVE $110 $10


After registration you have to login to your back office and click on the (Provide Donation) Red tab to send the amount of $4, $6 or $10 depending on your choosing business plan to each of the 8 persons above you whose name and account details will appear on your BACK OFFICE, these persons are the members of your Level 1 – 8 uplines ascendants, and the balance goes for Human capital development for the reward of hard working members, who work so hard in building their teams

These amounts make up the entry fees according to the chosen business plan.

After making payment, you will need to click on the (Notify Payment) Blue tab on your dashboard to report your payment by filling in the transaction No or you may even upload transaction receipt and submit, thereafter place a phone call , whatsapp or email to the recipient.

Upon receiving the payment, the recipient is expected to click on the (Confirm New Payment) Red tab that will appear on the recipient back office, click select, Approve if you received or Decline if you did not received the money, failure to Approve / Decline, after 48hrs the system will automatically confirmed it to be True that the recipient received the payment and if he/ she fail/ refused to approve payment sent to him for the third time, the system will automatically suspend the said recipient’s account and shall not be able to earn anymore

Reporting false payment / declining falsely from either parties, will be treated as fraud and the user’s account shall be deleted permanently, if found guilty of the allegation with proof of evidence.

Upon completion of payments, the system will automatically place you on the level 1 starter stage, (your name appears) to enable you start earning from all incoming members of your down lines generation for life.

Next you are expected to start introducing downlines as soon as possible the minimum of five direct legs, you may also decide to introduce more to maximize you earning potentials. When you start to introduce people, you will earn referral bonus from all members of your 1st to 7th level direct and indirect down lines network generation deep,


All members are expected to upload four payment options

1). the bank account of your country

2). Bitcoin

3). Perfect Money

4). One other payment option of your choice


Our unique compensation plan is outstanding, simple and equal to none in the MLM industry, as it offers opportunity to earn endless streams of income, even with only one direct referral, you will still earn.

This is the only multilevel platform that allows its members to share the entry fees

There Are 5 Way Of Making Cool Cash In GCF.

Referral Bonus

Scholarship Funds

Leadership Bonus (Lb)

Stage Bonus


Referral Commission: when a new member signup under your network generation, you share from the entry fees all members of your downlines generation from level 1- 7.whether you know them all not in respective of where they come from

At the point of registration, your account is credited with $4 Classic plan, $6 Premium plan, and $10 Executive plan, per referral depending on your investment plan, this is because we don’t want our members to be frustrated by the long await of moving from one stage/ rank to another before earning, that characterize other MLM industries.

In this arrangement, you can earn up to $100 or more daily when your generation grows to certain level as you progresses, because money will be coming from all angle/ levels of your generations. But that also depend on your hard work at the initial stage.



Requirement For These Rewards:

Introduce 25 direct referrals,

Must be in the Emerald stage with 10 Gem direct members under you within the first 60days of joining GCF


Become an Ambassador, the face of GCF with $100, $150 and $200, appearance bonus, depending on your choosing package

Classic member: $200 scholarship fund annually for 2years.

Premium member: $250 scholarship fund annually for 2years.

Executive member: $300 scholarship fund annually for 2years.


When a member move from lower stage to a higher stage,GCF rewards the level 1 and 2 uplines member with a whopping 20% of cash reward of promoted member.

GCF say thank you to the uplines for working very hard to building their team and reward you with cash, tagged “They Earn You Earn”.

Stage 1: Upline 15%

Stage 2: Upline 5%

Note:This bonus is 20% of cash reward and members must be in the Emerald Stage and above to be eligible for this reward


This is a reward from GCF to an achiever, when a member complete a stage, cycled Out and move to a higher rank, GCF reward you with, cash prize, Holiday tour, computer, Car or an Apartment, to say, Thank You


At the point of entry you will need to have minimum of 5 referrals to become a Gem and move to the elite stage


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Gem and you become Emerald and Receive the Stage bonus


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Emerald and you become Bronze and Receive the Stage bonus reward


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Bronze and you become Silver and Receive the Stage bonus reward


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Silver and you become Gold and Received the Stage bonus reward


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Gold and you become Emerald and Receive the Stage bonus reward


Have 4 of your direct referrals in Diamond and you become Regional director rand Receive the Stage bonus rewards


Our system operates spill under system, when a sponsor introduces more than 5 direct referrals, the system forces down the extra referrals to help promote another member of his who has lesser referral, this will enable the matrix complete very fast for the sponsor to cycle out and received the rewards