Q. what payment means do i use?

Ans: It is depending on you, we have various payment options you can use to make payment and receive your earnings, Direct Bank deposit depending on your Country, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, etc.

Q. How do I receive my earning?

Ans: Your downline members pays earning directly to any of the chosen payment option provided by you.

Q. How many members do I need directly under me?

Ans: Just 5, however you can refer as many as possible, anybody who refers up to 25 direct referrals will be rewarded with a scholarship fund of $500 to $800 depending on your plan.

Q. Can I have multiple accounts?

Ans: Yes, if you can work hard to refer members under all of them, but you can choose a different plan with different Username instead of having multiple account in one plan.

Q. What do I get for the amount $50, $70, $110 spent to join GCF?

Ans: Please read How it works / Our Services and Business Plans.

Q. What do I do to be a Regional Coordinator?

Ans: Simply work hard.